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The Digital Biomarker Company
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Koneksa is a single source for procuring and deploying biometric devices, preparing sites, and collecting data through a configurable, device-agnostic SaaS platform. Our solutions create opportunities for faster trials, improved patient experiences, and better patient-generated data.
Mobile & Wearable
We collaborate with sponsors, advisory boards, regulatory bodies, patient advocacy groups, and clinical teams to develop novel biomarkers and leverage mobile and wearable biometric devices that support the high scientific rigor required in drug development to produce real clinical value.
We develop and implement digital biomarkers that consider real patient needs so sponsors obtain meaningful data from their research. Our biomarkers measure highly sensitive signals and result in evidence that can support difficult decision-making and high-stakes regulatory claims.
Koneksa’s people power our vision of providing the industry’s best patient-centric digital biomarker tool. Sponsors and sites can rely on a 24/7 help desk and end-to-end support from scientific and operations teams with deep experience in clinical trial technology.

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