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Pandemic Response and Continuity

An Update on Koneksa and Developments Related to Coronavirus and COVID-19

Koneksa maintains robust business continuity procedures that are designed to prevent, detect, and rapidly respond in a coordinated manner to incidents such as disease outbreaks. As part of those activities, Koneksa has been actively monitoring coronavirus and COVID-19 developments. Since the World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 a pandemic, we wanted to provide this brief update.

Koneksa’s goal is to seamlessly maintain its services for all of our clients. Accordingly, we are executing previously developed and tested resiliency plans, supporting our people, our technology, and our client’s clinical trials.

Koneksa has always designed our operations as a virtual company, allowing our staff to work from any location including their homes. This capability is regularly tested, and we continue to employ a remote-capable workforce and support their working from home throughout this pandemic. In order to minimize the risk of exposure for our people, we have restricted business travel and face-to-face meetings to virtual meetings, absent senior management approval. Further, all staff members are directed to follow all CDC, state and local safety recommendations and self-quarantining guidelines, including after travel and exposure to coronavirus for themselves or anyone in a staff member’s household.  Additionally, we have enhanced our office sanitization practices for those instances when a staff member is required in the office, such as to prevent any interruptions in device shipments and patient kit deliveries.

Koneksa operates its Compare platform through a hosted service across multiple data centers in multiple states. This virtualized, cloud-based technology platform is designed to be resilient, even in such trying times. Since this service is dependent on our vendors, Koneksa is proactively monitoring their business continuity practices. All of our key vendors have been actively responding to the pandemic’s progression and continue to provide all of their services to Koneksa. Koneksa will continue to actively monitor these vendors as part of its day-to-day operations throughout this crisis, all as part of our business continuity procedures.

We will remain ever vigilant, with a focus on preventing any disruptions to our clients while maintaining the safety of our staff. If you have any further questions, please contact us at