The Koneksa Story

Our commitment is to transform the way new medicines get to patients by making clinical research more agile, safer and friendlier for the people who participate. We help leading life sciences companies and research hospitals remotely capture real-world data from patients and use it to understand how their health is affected by new treatments.  We are already demonstrating that we can make clinical programs smaller and faster, as well as use remotely collected data to predict important health outcomes and understand diseases.


Experience in healthcare and technology

Koneksa’s team has deep experience across healthcare and information technology. While we are challenging traditional development paradigms using new tools and data, we remain mindful of the scientific rigor required to develop new medicines. Koneksa got started with incubation support from the Merck Global Health Innovation fund, a leading digital health investor that is part of one of the world’s most innovative pharmaceutical companies. Our team has a history of developing new products from scratch and disrupting established orthodoxy as part of innovative startup companies.

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Passion for accelerating new healthcare solutions

Each member of our team has strong personal motivations for improving health care, ranging from close and painful interactions with diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, to conquering personal health goals through monitored nutrition and exercise. Some of us have committed our entire careers to healthcare while for others, Koneksa is the first experience working in the field. Our shared connection is a zealous commitment to making research more agile so that new interventions can more quickly and safely reach those in need.

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Exclusive focus on clinical trials using real world data

Koneksa’s software platform and services are used by leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies that need to make high stakes decisions or regulatory claims that rely on remotely generated patient data. Our business case is based on our sponsors’ successfully navigating this ground-breaking scientific, technical and regulatory environment. Because we exist to address these challenges, and not sell other software or devices, we are always a trustworthy partner to study sponsors. We excel at this because it’s the only thing we do.