To enhance our login process we have deployed a new password tool. This tool requires all users to create a new password.

What you need to do at your earliest convenience:

a) Request new password

1) Request new password:

2) Enter your koneksa login email address

3) Click “reset password”

b) Set new password

1) Load the link in the email you receive (it can take a couple of minutes to arrive)

2) Fill out each field in the form

5) Click “set password”

Note new password rule:

1) Contain at least ONE upper case letter

2) Contain at least ONE lower case letter

3) Contain at least ONE number

4) Be SIX (6) or more characters in length

Common questions:

1) Does this affect my tracker data sync? - NO - your data will continue to sync

2) Do I need to change my password on my tracker app? NO - this is personal to you

3) My existing password already meets the criteria - do I still need to reset it? - YES - you will not be able to login until you do

Thank you for support in this process.

Koneksa Health