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(ES) At Koneksa Health, protecting your privacy is part of our commitment to improving health

About this site

Welcome to the Koneksa Health platform.

Our online platform is designed to help people and health organizations work together to develop, evaluate and customize lifestyle and health interventions to meet individual health needs. We do this by integrating data from wearable devices, apps and other health devices used by Koneksa Health program participants as well as participant survey responses, participant health data, health organization data, and population reference data.

Based on what we learn, we may modify the platform, the types of devices, apps and services with which we integrate, the types of data we collect from participants, and the reference data sets that we use, and we may conduct other analyses that support our mission to connect and compare disparate health and wellness information to provide new insights, improve lives, and reduce the cost of care.

What we collect

We collect data about you from four sources:

  • you
  • the apps, wearable and other devices you connect
  • the health organization through which you participate in the Koneksa Health program

We may also leverage population reference data, such as census data, environmental data, disease registry data and other aggregate health outcomes data.

Only the name and contact information we collect to enable you to register and participate in the Koneksa Health program data directly identify you. Your name and contact information are collected and stored separately from the health data collected on this platform.

Your contact information will be used by Koneksa Health to validate your Koneksa Health account. You are required to validate your account before you can login to the platform.

The data collected about you on this platform will be connected to you by a randomly-generated User ID. Your User ID will be used to connect important information about you on the platform, including:

  • Records of your consent to participate in the Koneksa Health program, your acceptance of this privacy policy
  • The apps, wearables and other devices you authorize the Koneksa Health platform to connect to, including the name of the device and the date you connected it and activities recorded by your device during your participation in our program, such as your sleep, activity level (i.e., number of steps you took), blood sugar, blood glucose, your weight and your exercise
  • Your responses to surveys – including demographic information such as age, gender, height, ethnicity, state, zip code your exercise and device use information
  • How often you visit this site and how you use this site

Our platform uses session cookies to establish a connection with the web browser on your smart phone or other computer. These temporary cookies are erased from your computer’s memory when you close your web browser.

The data we collect from the apps and devices you connect vary based on the specific devices and apps you choose to connect. The data may include, for each day, the number of steps you took, your weight, the number of carbs you ate, your blood/glucose level, the amount of time you slept and the number of minutes you exercised.

Where we get your device and app data from

We work with the digital health platform, Human API, to enable you to integrate your data from the devices and apps you choose to connect.

You can choose to connect, refresh, or disconnect a device or app at any time. Your device or app will be connected only after you login with your device or app credentials. Koneksa will not have access to your device or app login credentials, so please refer to the privacy policy for your specific device or app if you have any questions about how they protect your login information.

If you choose to disconnect a device or app, we no longer will collect data from that device or app. But, we will continue to use the data you previously integrated, and you will be able to see that data when you review your data from prior days on our site.

How we plan to use the data

We plan to use the data we collect on this site to assess the effectiveness of app and device data integration into our site, to evaluate the quality of the data, to analyze possible associations among the data aggregated from the apps and devices and the responses to our site health survey, to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions that have been offered and used with you.

We may use a de-identified version of the data we collect in future analysis or for marketing purposes.

How we plan to share the data

We will share your Koneksa Health User ID with Human API. Human API will use your user ID to enable you to connect your devices and apps.

Other third parties who support us in managing this site, the study and the data may have access to the data. We require all third parties who have access to the data to agree to protect it appropriately.

Koneksa currently is a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc. In the future, Koneksa might operate separately from Merck & Co., Inc. or might be affiliated with other organizations. If we consider that, we may need to share data collected on this site with actual or prospective business partners or purchasers, but we only will do so if they agree to protect the information.

While we do not plan to use or share your data in other ways, we may be required by law, regulation or a court or government authority to use or share your information. If this happens, we will comply with those requirements and we will also seek to preserve your privacy as we comply.

What to do if you change your mind about participating

Participation is voluntary. Once you register and login, you can choose to complete the survey, connect, refresh, or disconnect a device or app for the duration of the study. While active participation for the duration of the study will provide a more comprehensive set of data for analysis, the choice about the scope and frequency of participation is yours.

If you decide to withdraw from the study, you can close your account on our site. If you close your account prior to the end of the study, we will retain the data we have collected at that point, but we won’t collect any further data.

How to ask a question or raise a concern

Send us an email at with your question or concern.

When was this privacy policy last updated?

January 21, 2015