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“What I love the most about working at Koneksa is the flexibility. Not only the flexibility in work hours, but also the flexibility we demonstrate in adapting as the market and client needs change, and the flexibility in adopting suggestions from employees of all levels (none of which were prominent components in my previous work experience in academia and big tech corporations). These flexibilities allow me to learn and grow professionally as a senior statistician.”

Chengrui, Manager, Biostatistics

“Joining Koneksa initially as an intern, I was always encouraged to ask questions in a culture where everyone has a voice; there is no better environment to grow in. I have the privilege of working with talented individuals who have pushed me both professionally and personally. Today, as a senior member of the engineering team at Koneksa, my work helps trailblaze the future of clinical research. I am so grateful to spend every day solving problems that may ultimately better people’s lives.”

Josh, Software Engineer

“Having been at Koneksa for two years as a product manager, I have had the opportunity to see clinical trials through other lenses outside of just software product development—the rigor of science, the scrutiny that is applied to the data, the inner-workings of a clinical service operation. I love how all the pieces fit together to further clinical research. The idea that our work can play a small part in improving people’s lives motivates many of us. I have also had the privilege of seeing the company ‘talk the talk and walk the walk’ around work–life balance. Whether you look at it from the top down, bottom up, or sideways, there is genuine care and support for employees’ lives outside of Koneksa. We grow together as a professional family.”

Juanita, Director, Product Management

“I’m excited to be at Koneksa after several years in pharmaceutical clinical trial organizations. Working with a team who is so motivated by its shared goal—to use technology to help people—is really rewarding. I love the opportunity to combine my scientific background with project management, working to speed up clinical research using digital biomarkers. It’s great to be able to work face-to-face with customers and sites at every step of their trial to ensure its successful implementation.”

Lauren, Senior Project Manager

“I helped found Koneksa after working in a number of other technology innovation and management roles—primarily because my father had Parkinson’s and I saw firsthand how disease impacts life and how tracking his activity helped the care conversation between my mother and him. I realized that mobile devices, if developed with scientific expertise as well as proper data analytics, could meaningfully help people with significant conditions, giving them the power to better understand their disease and manage their care. In my role as head of Data Science, the work is like doing a permanent Ph.D., but I am lucky enough to be able to work on data and algorithms that may help improve health every day.”

Rob, Head of Data Science

“Working at Koneksa has been a pleasure. Coming from the nonprofit healthcare industry directly involved with tech, Koneksa has allowed me to take my involvement in this space to the next level. Working with new device integrations and technologies that can lead to better care and management for those in need makes it more than just a job; it has become a passion. The Koneksa team is always in ‘Go’ mode and I am excited for what’s to come.”

Tristan, Director, Technology Support

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