Accelerating Discovery

Koneksa’s digital biomarkers are bringing much-needed improvements to the speed, precision, and patient accessibility of oncology trials

We help sponsors and patients alike by providing accurate, objective measures of disease factors and quality of life that simply aren’t obtainable through visits to the clinic — which typically provide low-volume, infrequent data that are not representative of how patients are truly doing in their day-to-day lives.

Remote digital biomarkers in oncology open the door to participation in clinical trials, even for patients dealing with the challenges of their disease and treatment side effects, including fatigue and travel-based difficulties.

With our patient-centric digital biomarker solutions and flexible, device-agnostic SaaS platform, we work with you from the design stage to ensure you get the sharp endpoints needed to stay on top of critical aspects of patient health status.

Some of the oncology areas in which we have worked in include:




Ecologically Valid Measures for Deeper Insights

As the leaders in digital biomarkers, Koneksa is proud to play a crucial role in the evolution of oncology trials. Through our research experience and involvement with patient advocacy groups, we have gained a nuanced understanding of patients’ needs. That’s why our solutions are designed to capture a high volume of data obtained during patients’ everyday lives, providing crucial information about the impact of treatments while making it easier for patients to participate.

Koneksa’s oncology solutions facilitate the tracking of measures like heart rate variability (HRV), walking speed, temperature, blood pressure, and step count on a 24/7 basis, eliminating the variability introduced by performance differences in clinic versus at home, and over the course of a day.

Our science-driven approach and ecologically valid measures help you understand the true impact of your treatment:

Signs, not symptoms

Digital biomarkers provide objective evidence for how patients are doing

Continuous capabilities

Ongoing data collection allows for insights that would be impossible to glean solely from sporadic clinic visits


Frequent measures let you closely track changes in health status over time

Elena Izmailova

Oncology Research Is Personal to Us

Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer, and our company is no different. Koneksa’s Chief Science Officer, Elena Izmailova, was diagnosed with a malignant tumor at her first colonoscopy, despite having no symptoms and no family history. This led to a colectomy and recovery process for Elena. She was blindsided but proceeded to put her scientific skills to work, assembling a digital kit to collect objective measures of her recovery progress.

She’s not the only member of our family who has been touched by cancer, but she is a perfect example of why we are so committed to using every tool at our disposal to aid its eradication and support patient recovery.

The Data You Need, When You Need It

If patients are improving, you need to know ASAP. The same applies if they are not. In one of Koneksa’s recent studies, we found that daily step count was a predictor of oncology hospitalization, while patients’ most recent quality of life assessments were not.

The value of objective measures is clear

Koneksa specializes in creating solutions that facilitate fast, accurate decisions, saving you time and money and delivering maximum benefit to patients who need oncology treatments that work. Our digital biomarker solutions capture the measures that matter for your trial. Combined with our deep experience in this area, this puts us in a strong position to deliver sharp endpoints and high-quality, actionable measures that matter for your oncology trial.