Koneksa’s Partnership Space

We value our partners and have a unique ability to solve the problems faced by contract research organizations (CROs) and decentralized clinical trials organizations (DCTs). Koneksa’s advanced digital biomarker solutions and responsive, tailored services provide the ability to create and build on revenue opportunities. With a suite of easy-to-integrate devices, we optimize solutions so that trials run smoother and faster while delivering high-quality, real-time patient data from any geographical location. 

Our partners garner all the benefits we bring to the table:

Deep scientific expertise

Extensive research experience

Digital biomarkers validation support

High-touch, end-to-end services 

With multilingual support and a global research footprint, we support our trusted partners’ remote digital data needs all over the world. 

Our Partner Benefits 

Koneksa is the global leader in digital biomarkers. We are constantly innovating, testing, and implementing new digital biomarkers and technology solutions by conducting our own research. Our CRO and DCT partners stand to gain massive competitive advantages from our rigorous, science-first approach to delivering solutions: 

  • Dedicated partnership resources and elevated commitment  
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Increased beneficial revenue 
  • Input into product and technical road map 

Wearable monitoring devices and sensors will always be at the forefront of technological advancement, and our ability to provide validated measures that leverage the latest innovations is your competitive advantage. The ability to incorporate a variety of high-quality devices from the beginning also reduces add-on costs down the road, improving the efficiency of your trial and your customer’s satisfaction. 

Our Integrated Platform 

Ease of implementation with an integrated, cloud-based, SaaS platform is another major advantage for Koneksa’s partners

With multiple sensors feeding into the Koneksa platform and integrated data on the back end, high-volume, real-time data capture and actionable insights from anywhere are now a reality. CROs can see compliance status among participants across their dashboard 24/7. 

Simply stated, we provide digital biomarker capabilities and a level of unparalleled integration that others just don’t

Our Industry-Leading Support

We prioritize our partners’ needs from start to finish

Koneksa has a Knowledge Transfer and partnership onboarding program that is 100% focused on supporting our partners’ strategic investments. We prioritize our partners’ needs from start to finish, offering support for a self-service model and help with commercial positioning and articulation for your business development team.

We have a proven track record across pharma and biotech, with a history of execution working closely with CROs and DCTs providers on specific projects. The site and patient experience we provide are second to none, and we have proven high compliance rates for our integrated platform. 

With multilingual support and a global research footprint, we support our trusted partners’ remote digital data needs all over the world. 

Our Science, Software, and Service are Your Competitive Advantage

Reap the benefits of working with Koneksa by becoming a partner! 

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