It’s been a big year for Koneksa. We completed our Series B fundraising, securing $16 million to further  investment in our industry-leading digital biomarker platform. We completed our work to integrate the Apple Watch as a supported device in the Koneksa platform. And we filed our first two patent applications related to our cutting-edge event detection and classification algorithms.

We’re excited about a new look for our company, but we haven’t made changes to our platform or the services we provide for our turnkey and novel digital biomarkers. We’re also excited to share that this update to our brand is timely. It occurs after recently securing financing from a forward-thinking team of investors and advisors that includes strategic partners like Novartis Pharma AG, McKesson Ventures, and the Merck Global Health Fund — along with investment partners Spring Mountain Capital and Waterline Ventures. This investment puts Koneksa in an excellent place for future growth as we continue to develop our digital biomarker platform and end-to-end, patient-centric solutions for remotely collected clinical data.

Koneksa intends to expand in our role as an innovative partner in agile drug development and market strategy decision-making, and we believe our new brand identity illustrates this goal with style and simplicity. Through our work, we aim to support efficient, patient-centric clinical trial designs that produce meaningful data and revolutionize effect detection in the process.

Browse our website to get familiar with Koneksa’s new look and feel and learn more about who we are and what we do. If you have questions about our work, experience, or team, feel free to get in touch.