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Sample Measures

  • Activity Count
  • Activity Intensity Level
  • Total Sleep Time
  • Sleep Efficiency
  • Number of Wake Bouts

What’s Included

Koneksa’s actigraphy solution has been trusted by sponsors around the world to support actigraphy studies across all phases, both scientifically and operationally.

  • Device selection, procurement, and patient kits
  • Compliance reporting with rapid software-based feedback and alerting
  • Standard sleep measures (e.g., total sleep time and sleep efficiency)
  • Activity measures (e.g., activity level and count per worn epoch)
  • Support for baseline changes in one or more measures (e.g., treatment vs. placebo)
  • Disease symptom characterization (e.g., patient vs. healthy matched control)
  • Derived measures (e.g., mean change in measure between baseline and monitoring periods)
  • Support for faster study go-live times than the industry standard
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